Senior Technician – Cummins Theatre

I moved to Merredin to support my wife in her recent appointment as Manager of the Cummins Theatre. Ostensibly, this was the plan all along, however, when someone gives your wife a theatre to look after, and you’re a theatre technician, you get involved. Heavily.

So, for three years, I worked on, around and to the side of the theatre to make it better, to get more shows in and to help the community of Merredin realise what an amazing facility they had let go quiet in their town. We were wildly successful. 400% increases on the number of shows, hires and minimum audience sizes (which is pretty particular, but previous to us an audience size of 10 was considered a success, we set it to 40 and regularly far exceeded this).

It was a glorious time to be alive and in Merredin if you happened to be an artist, technician, or audience participant.

Major show highlights

  • Bambert’s Book of Lost Stories
  • Josephine Wants To Dance
  • Festa Italiana Dinner
  • Songfest
  • All of the local dance school shows
  • Squisher and Squasher: The Great Bug Hunt
  • In A Dark Dark Wood
  • Michael Griffiths: Cole
  • Always Patsy Cline
  • All the Regional WAM Gigs
  • Barry Morgan
  • International Women’s Day Luncheons
  • Rumour Has It
  • Benjamin And Me


  • Ion lighting desk
  • x32 Behringer sound desk
  • Auto-poles
  • Manual winch and SS motor fly bars
  • Patch Panel upgrades (53 AX, 3 Data, 2 DMX)
  • Re-skinned the floor
  • Updated emergency exits to make them compliant


  • RVIF Round 1
  • RVIF Round 2


  • Dark Arts Classes
  • Merredin Repertory Club – Building 2 5.4m tall trees
  • Merredin Repertory Club – Building a fake stone wall
  • Merredin Repertory Club – How to use the lighting desk