Solutions Architect – Clayko Group

Short term contract to design and implement software for major client project (3 Phones). Overseeing offshore and local software development teams.

Main Duties

  • Audit the existing software codebase and confirm all active projects compile to produce current versions of their respective results.
  • Manage hostile outgoing programmer re: audit
  • Lead Programmer for offshore development of new software package for national mobile phone retailer
  • Microsoft Gold Partner support officer for existing client base working with existing sub-contracted System Administrator to prioritise and timeline ongoing work.

Key Achievements

  • Deliver major project on time and under budget.
  • Confirm critical projects in code base are up to date.
  • Make changes to core system to improve efficiencies and re-organise file system to allow company to postpone $100,000+ hardware upgrades for a great deal of time.

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